About Litstack

Who Are We


Hello there! We are very happy that you are stopping by. We are Jannes Behrens and Lennart Carstens-Behrens, two cousins from northern Germany who work together at the Alle Wetter Studio for Design and Development. We are passionate developers and have been working together for years on hobby projects and continued our colaboration shortly after Jannes and Gerrit founded Alle Wetter in 2016. The artwork is made by our experienced designer (Head of design at Alle Wetter) Uwe Steffens. Grüße an dich Uwe!

How It Started

In the middle of 2018 we thought for the first time about building our own cms. Requirements in projects became more complex and none of the existing systems offered a satisfactory solution. At that time we couldn't have imagined what would be develope from this idea now two years later: litstack. Along the way, we tried things out, rejected ideas and looked for the best ways to create a system that would meet both, developer & user experience: A clear and appealing user interface and a beginner-friendly yet powerful backend. The love for detail also cost a lot of time and nightly sessions. But we are more than happy with what has come out of it and that we can contribute to the Open-Source world with this project.

On our way we always found immediate application in customer projects and the positive feedback motivated us in continuing our work.

From CMS to Admin Panel

After some time the idea of a cms changed to an admin panel, which has the possibility to perform the task of a cms. The management of data is the main problem to be solved in a modern web app. Be it an API or internal product managing. Everything is covered by an administration panel.

Our Goal

With litstack we try to simplify our life as developers, since we use it daily and continously change or improve things due to our customers needs. Additionally we want to provide an attractive frontend that is not only clear but also fun to use.



Our main goal is to provide a headless system that can be integrated into existing systems and above all does not make your project dependent on us.


Our great example for the goals we pursue for the litstack backend is the Laravel framework. Beginner-friendly yet powerful and easy to extend in all possible directions. All in a way that can be managed well and for a long time through clean architecture & code.


There are many systems that have an overhead of things that most users rarely need. We want to make it easy to build a navigation system that lets the user find the important components of his application immediately: A scalable Interface where A baker who changes the title of his site once a month as well as the administrator of complex booking systems can easily find their way around. A logical and clear placement of the components on a clean surface.

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