A package to easily add meta for crud models and forms to your page.


The package can be installed via composer and will autoregister.

composer require litstack/meta

You can now publish and migrate the migration for your meta model:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Litstack\Meta\MetaServiceProvider" --tag=migrations
php artisan migrate


Start by perparing your Model by using the HasMeta Trait and implement the metaable Contract:

use Litstack\Meta\Metaable;
use Litstack\Meta\Traits\HasMeta;

class Post extends Model implements Metaable
    use HasMeta;

Forms don't need further setup

In order to display the form in litstack edit your model-config:

use Litstack\Meta\Traits\CrudHasMeta;

class PostConfig extends CrudConfig
    use CrudHasMeta;

    // …

    public function show(CrudShow $page)

You may disable certain fields in the meta modal:

$this->meta($page, disable: [

To display the meta-fields in your template, simply use the <x-lit-meta /> component and pass it the metaFields of your model.

    <x-lit-meta :for="$post" />

Default Values / Customizing / Overriding

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