A basic text input field.

    ->hint('The Title is shown at the top of the page.')

Prepend & Append

For units or similar, values can be appended or prepended to the input field.

    ->placeholder('The length in cm')
    ->hint('Enter the length in cm.')


Method Description
$field->title() The title description for this form field.
$field->placeholder() The placeholder for this form field.
$field->type() Sets an input type for the input. Available types: text, number, email, password, search, url, tel, date, time, range, color
$field->hint() A short hint that should describe how to use the form field.
$field->info('...') Questionmark with tooltip. (Can contain longer field descriptions)
$field->width() Width of the field.
$field->translatable() Should the form field be translatable? For translatable crud models, the translatable fields are automatically recognized.
$field->max() Max characters.
$field->prepend() Prepend the field.
$field->append() Append the field.
$field->rules() Rules that should be applied when updating and creating.
$field->creationRules() Rules that should be applied when creating.
$field->updateRules() Rules that should be applied when updating.
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