Show Config


In the show method of a Form or a CRUD config all components and fields are configured for editing the data.

use Ignite\Crud\CrudShow;

public function show(CrudShow $page)
    // Define the page here.

Ignite\Crud\CrudShow is an instance of Ignite\Page\Page so all functions described in the Page documentation can be used. This includes bindung Vue components, Blade views or Livewire components to a page:

$page->component('foo'); // Vue component
$page->view('foo'); // Blade view
$page->livewire('foo'); // Livewire component


Form fields must be grouped into cards. You are free to create only one or any number of cards for a form.

use Ignite\Crud\CrudShow;

public function show(CrudShow $page)
    $page->card(function ($form) {

        // Build your form in here.

        $form->input('first_name')->title('First Name');


All available fields can be found in the documentation under Fields.

Customize Card

You may customize your card with the following options:

Method Description
$card->title('Foo') The title description for the card.
$card->width(1/2) Width of the card.
$card->secondary() Give's your card a secondary background, for less important content


With group fields can be grouped in a column. This is useful to organize form elements of different heights side by side.

$form->group(function($form) {
    // Build your form inside the col.


A good content administration interface includes descriptions that help the user to quickly understand what is happening on the interface. Such information can be created outside and inside of cards like this:

use Ignite\Crud\CrudShow;

public function show(CrudShow $page)
        ->text('This address appears on your <a href="'.route('invoices').'">invoices</a>.')

    // ...


Sometimes you may want to provide a direct preview on the edit page of a crud. This can be done by passing the route that shows the edited content to the preview method:

use Ignite\Crud\CrudShow;

public function show(CrudShow $page)
    $page->preview(function($article = null) {
        return route('', [
            'article' => $article->id ?? 0

Default Device

The default device can be changed in the config lit.php under 'crud.preview.default_device'.

'crud' => [
    'preview' => [
        // Available devices: mobile, tablet, desktop
        'default_device' => 'desktop'
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