The package includes a variety of global helper PHP functions.

The package includes useful Vue mixins as well. Read the Vue mixins section to learn more about the existing mixins.

Lit Facade

The Lit singleton contains some helpers which are related to the application.


The installed method checks if the package has been installed. This can be useful in service providers.

use Ignite\Support\Facades\Lit;

if(! Lit::installed()) {


If a route is added to the route file lit/routes/web.php, the prefix lit is added to the name. The helper route also adds this prefix as well. Depending on your preferences you can use the laravel helper route or the Litstack helper to call up a route.

// lit/routes/web.php

Route::get('dashboard', DashboardController::class)->name('dashboard');
<a href="{{ Lit::route('dashboard') }}">Dashboard</a>
// Is the same as:
<a href="{{ route('lit.dashboard') }}">Dashboard</a>


If you don't want to use the route name to call a route but directly specify the url, you can use the url helper which prepends the route_prefix from the config lit.php to your url.

<a href="{{ Lit::url('dashboard') }}">Dashboard</a>


__lit($key, $replace)

The __lit method returns the translation using the application locale for the authenticated user.

__lit('messages.welcome', ['name' => 'Spatie'])

fa($group, $icon)

The fa helper makes it easy to include Fontawesome icons.

fa('home') // <i class="fas fa-home"></i>
fa('fal', 'abacus') // <i class="fal fa-abacus"></i>


The lit method returns the Ignite\Support\Facades\Lit singelton.


// Is the same as:

use Ignite\Support\Singletons\Lit;


The lit_user method returns the authenticated user model.

<span>{{ lit_user()->email }}</span>
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