A drag and drop image uploader using Spatie's medialibary.

Model Setup

To attach images to a model, only the media contract and the media trait must be added to the model.

use Ignite\Crud\Models\Traits\HasMedia;
use Spatie\MediaLibrary\HasMedia as HasMediaContract;

class Post extends Model implements HasMediaContract
    use HasMedia;


For all images that are uploaded an input field for alt and title is displayed, with translatable these two fields are made translatable.

$form->image('images') // images is the corresponding media collection.
    ->hint('Image Collection.')

Add the image attribute to your model:

public function getImagesAttribute()
    return $this->getMedia('images');


To crop the image to a desired ratio before uploading it, a ratio can be defined using the method crop.

$form->image('images')->title('Images')->crop(16 / 9);

If no ratio is passed as a parameter to the crop method, the image can be freely cropped.


By default the images are displayed as a square. However, this view is not suitable for example for header images. With expand you can display the image at full size.

$form->image('header_image')->title('Header Image')->expand();

Image expand

Preview Image

In the case that the first image from the list should be used as a preview image, you can use firstBig to display the first image bigger to show that it has a special importance.

    ->hint('The first image is the preview image.');

Image firstBig


In the config lit.mediaconversions all conversions groups are specified. If you would like a model to use another conversion group than default, the group name can be set using the attribute mediaconversions.

class Post extends Model implements HasMediaContract

     * Media conversions group.
     * @var string
    protected $mediaconversions = 'other';

To display conversion urls it is important to set the env APP_URL to the url you are working in.

Max. File Size

The maximum allowed file size for an image can be specified using the maxFileSize method. The file size is given in megabytes. The default value is 12 mb.



Method Description
$field->title('Image') The title for this form field.
$field->translatable() Should the field be translatable.
$field->hint('Foo.') A short hint that should describe how to use the form field.`
$field->info('...') Questionmark with tooltip. (Can contain longer field descriptions)
$field->width(1/2) Width of the form field.
$field->sortable() Should the images be sortable? (default: true)
$field->maxFiles(1) Maxmium number of uploadable images. (default: 5)
$field->maxFileSize(100) Maximum file size. (default: 12)
$field->expand() Expand the preview image to its full width.
$field->crop(16/9) Opens a Crop-Tool before the upload. (default: false)
$field->showFullImage() Display's the full image inside of the square box.
$field->firstBig() Display's the first image bigger.
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