Fields can be used to make database entries easily editable. Each field is appended one or more columns of a database table. Validation Rules can be added to fields and it can be determined who can edit a field.


When you create a field you must first specify the attribute that the field refers to. Like in the following example an input field refers to first_name.


Every field requires a title.


Furthermore the width can be specified either in 12 columns as in bootstrap, or in fractions. The fractions are converted into columns.

// Is the same as:
$form->input('first_name')->title('Firstname')->width(1 / 3);


With the authorize method it can be determined if the user has the permission for a field. If the user does not have the required authorization, the field is not displayed.

$form->input('first_name')->authorize(function($user) {
    return $user->can('edit user-name');


If you want the user to see the field, but not be able to edit it, you can use the readOnly function.

$form->input('first_name')->readOnly(! lit_user()->can('edit user-name'));
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