Beautiful Laravel

Set up appealing Laravel admin panels in record time and make your administrative tasks enjoyable.
Litstack keeps your application scalable from simple CMS to complex business logic.

A framework for lightning fast creation of Laravel Admin Panels.
Litstack offers the possibility to extend Laravel models with CRUD functionality and edit them in a highly extensible interface. Freely configurable forms offer endless possibilities to prepare and manage content of all kinds.

Simple and self-explaning admin panel to give developers and operators more time for productivity in what they do best.
Clean codebase with testable declarative code that keeps your project prepared for any kind of changes.
Build api-based application with a separate front end. Manage content for any kind of application using litstack.

There is more...

See Just some of the build in Features below. Or checkout our extensive and simple docs that guide you through whatever you want to build.

It is super easy to integrate litstack into existing projects. No models, providers or controllers need to be touched. Also Api versioning is no problem with listack.
Laravel, Livewire, Vue
Litstack does not care if you prefer livewire, vue or classic plain Blade components. Choose what you like best and start customizing to your needs.
Attach fields to Model attributes. Manage every existing Laravel relation and edit pivot data for polymorphic many-to-many relationships.
Let the user perform actions like sending mails for one or more models and place them wherever they are needed. In index tables, crud pages or globally in the navigaton.
Create charts in seconds and give the user a feeling about what is happening. Build dashboards or place your charts on crud pages.
Litstack makes it easy to create authorization through permissions. Also the build in permission manager makes managing roles and permissions a breeze.
Managing translatable content is easier than ever with translatable fields.

... and its Open-Source!

Just install it via composer.

composer require litstack/litstack

Check out the official packages.


A package that ships with a google maps locations picker field which let's you benefit from the extensive places api, to search for location's or pick one from the map.

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A frontend package with helper functions and Blade components for your Litstack project. Lazy loading images, translatable routes and much more.

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A package to turn your litstack application into a CMS. Add new pages to your application via the litstack interface, and fill them with content.

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2 Factor Authentication

A package that adds 2 Factor Authentication to your litstack application. Secure the login or the submitting of forms.

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A package to easily add meta for crud models and forms to your page.

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An orchestra extension to simplify testing packages in a litstack application environment.

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