Field Masks


Apply input masks to your field to indicate the format of valid input values. Litstack makes use of Cleave.js to apply masks to form fields.

Basic Usage

To add masks to your form field you may specify the desired mask options by passing an array to the mask method of your field:

    'creditCard': true

Checkout some usefull masks on

Add Addons

To make use of cleave js addons like phone number masks of your country, you need to add the script of the desired addon to your lit config so it will be loaded.

    'assets' => [
        // ...
        'scripts' => [
            // ...
            // Add us phone number.

The US phone number mask can now be applied like this:

    'phone'           => true,
    'phoneRegionCode' => 'us',

Conditional Options

You may use attribute values to add conditional options by adding the attribute in curley brackets:

    'de' => 'de',
    'us' => 'us',

    'phone'           => true,
    'phoneRegionCode' => '{country}',
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