Route Field


A route picker field that lets you select routes from a predefined collection.


The route field requires the name of the collection that should be used for this field. Additionally a title is required.

    ->title('Picke a Url');

Route Collection

To be able to select routes in your route field you must first register a route collection in a service provider. The registered collection can then be used again and again in different places. The following example registers a collection with the name app.

use Ignite\Crud\Fields\Route;

Route::register('app', function($collection) {
    // Define your route collection in here.

Add Route

The selectable routes are configured in the closure using the route method. The first parameter is the title that represents the route followed by an idendifier and a function that returns the actual route.

$collection->route('Home', 'home', function() {
    return route('home');

Use the arrow function short cut:

$collection->route('Home', 'home', fn($locale) => route('home'));

Add Group

You can group routes for example into model show routes.

$collection->group('Articles', function($group) {
    $articles = Article::all();

    foreach($articles as $article) {
        $group->route($article->title, $article->id, function() use ($article) {
            return route('', $article->id));


The closure in which the route is returned is given the current locale as parameter.

$collection->route('Home', 'home' function($locale) {
    return route("{$locale}.home");

Prepare Model

If the route field is used in Models the route cast must be specified:

use Ignite\Crud\Casts\Route;

$casts = [
    'route' => Route::class


You can output the value of your route directly in Blade, for example in the href attribute like this:

<a href="{{ $model->route }}">My Link</a>

You can check if the route is active:

    Hello World!

You may use the isActive method to add optional classes to your link:

    href="{{ $model->route }}"
    My Link
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