If you build your own Vue components it makes sense to know about the helpers available in Javascript.


The javascript global axios is configured with the route prefix specified in the config lit.php. It is recommended to set a try around the function when executing an axios request.

async func() {
    let response;
    try {
        response = await axios.get('my-route')
    } catch(e) {


For requests that shouldn't use the admin route_prefix the global _axios can be used.


In javascript and all Vue components the global variable Lit is available. This includes the following helpers:

  • baseURL
  • config


The route_prefix set in config lit.php, with a front slash before and after the prefix.

// config/lit.php
'route_prefix' => 'admin' // Lit.baseURL would be /admin/
    <a href="`${Lit.baseURL}my-link`">Link</a>


All attributes from the config lit.php.

Event Bus

The event bus can be called via the global Lit like this:

Lit.bus.$on(event, callback);
Lit.bus.$once(event, callback);
Lit.bus.$off(event, callback);
Lit.bus.$emit(event, callback);


Some useful events:

  • saved - Executed when saved.
  • saveCanceled - When save has been canceled.
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