This document describes the main components that help to understand how a litstack application is built.

The ./lit Folder

After installing Litstack the ./lit folder is created in your laravel application. Think of it as an its own isolated laravel application in your laravel application. It contains the ./lit/resources folder containing assets and views, an ./lit/app folder with the php classes for your Litstack app and other folders that are also present in the root folder.

Isolating your administration application from your app provides a clear structure of your actual business logic.

Creator Commands

For almost every creator commands provided by laravel, there is a similar one that creates the corresponding files into the ./lit folder. The commands use the lit prefix instead of make.

php artisan lit:controller
php artisan lit:request
php artisan lit:job


There is a creator command for livewire as well:

php artisan lit:livewire Counter


Litstack brings a simple user-friendly permissions handler. Additionally there is an easy way to create or delete the existing permissions using the migration ./database/migrations/______________________make_permissions.php.

Configure the desired permission groups in it and create them with the artisan command lit:permissions.

php artisan lit:permissions

Add the lit:permissions command to your deploy script to keep the permissions in your production database up to date.

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